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Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

volunteer opportunities (1 Week to 5 Months)

The Himalayan Foundation Nepal work and provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer opportunities in Nepal. We offer cosmic variety of volunteering programs in Nepal, where volunteers can choose to work around Nepal. Our most popular programs are working with Orphans children home, Teaching English, Women Empowerment Programs, Health programs, Street Children volunteer programs etc. It is hard to find a more affordable and reliable, We provide volunteer work in Nepal to international students, gap year travelers and career breakers from around the world to come and help by doing volunteering in Nepal. You get wide verity of volunteering opportunities with us. There is some running volunteering program detail information given below. You can find your chosen program easily. We organize the volunteer Opportunities package all over Nepal. We are community based local NGO, who manage volunteer program as your requirement too. Feel free to contact us.

Volunteer opportunites orphanage Children

At HFN Volunteering with Orphanage Children program, there are many areas where volunteers can use their education and skills to contribute to the life changing experience for our volunteer as well as the Orphanage children, orphanage Short-term volunteers will usually work with The Living Orphanage and those who volunteer for longer have the opportunity to visit, live and work in HFN's affiliated orphanages. - Read more...

Teaching English in Nepal

Teaching English Volunteer Program in Nepal is an enjoyable and satisfying experience where the volunteers get the opportunity to teach the students who eager to improve their conversational English skills. Volunteers work primarily as instructors of English either in Nepali public or private schools Volunteers may also be asked to assist in other school activities such as sports and other extra-curricular projects. - Read more...

Women Empowerment Programs

The project focuses on women and children from the worst affected areas of the country; it aims to develop a systematic approach to uplift the women in the society; and provide a secure future to the children through various programs and activities. Many children and women survivors of conflict and from rural areas are working in miserable and vulnerable conditions for their survival, putting their education, health, development and life at risk. Many of them are also working as bonded laborers, domestic helpers who are often traumatized and abused by their employers and seniors. Young girls and women are especially victims of these people. - Read more...

Volunteering opportunites Street Children

Numbers of street children are increasing in urban areas around Nepal and especially in Kathmandu. There are currently 1000 street children in Kathmandu. They primarily live in various areas around Kathmandu. Outside the city of Kathmandu, there are over 4000 street children who are living in other cities in Nepal such as Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan, Nepalgunj, Bhairawa and other cities as well. The children living on the streets are 90% male and 10% female. The reason for the increase of children living on the street is due to more urbanization, migration, lack of family support, poverty, increasing unemployment, and abandonment. There is no organization that is in place to help the betterment of the street children and get them off the streets. - Read more...

Volunteer Opportunites in Agriculture

Nepal is a country whose main industry is farming. Over 80% of nepal families are working in agriculture. These farmers work hard in all conditions and for long hours. Most farmers despite their hard efforts live in extreme poverty. Many farms in nepal use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that other countries no longer support. This is to increase productivity. However evidence suggests that these unnatural farming methods are damaging to the earth, the farming produce and potentially humans that consume the products. They are bad for the ecosystem and could destroy the land. Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. - Read more...

Volunteering Community Health Program

HFN aims to mobilize volunteers opportunites with health backgrounds in rural communities where people do not have access to health facilities because the government is not able to provide adequate health services. Further, the rural populations of Nepal are often unwilling to go to the hospital or seek contemporary health services because of their religious and cultural beliefs. Many people die without getting the benefit of modern medication. HFN is playing an active role in linking these rural populations with those around the world and within the country who have experience and training in the health field. We welcome all the interested medical students, individuals, professionals, organizations, associations and other experienced groups to join the health program. - Read more...

Environment Protection Program

In Nepal the environment is degrading rapidly. Environmental degradation is in many ways due to poor management of the environment and the lack of incentives for increasing the value of environmental resources. It is surprising to note that the nature and natural lives has been the most neglected subject in Nepal. This saddening fact is mainly caused by massive deforestation activities in Nepal, which result in 29% share in total land area of the country. - Read more...

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Volunteer Opportunities  Nepal Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal Volunteer Opportunities  Nepal

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